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Specialty Work

Specialty Work

If you have a unique project, it can be hard to find a contractor with the expertise to figure out the right construction solution. If that’s the case, Contractor Near Me can help. We have done everything from refrigeration units to loading docks to signage and parking lots. No project is too big or too small. We’ve even re-purposed old warehouses and turned them into functional, modern office spaces.

If you think your idea is out of the ordinary, or you have been turned away by other construction companies, we can bring your specialty project to life.

Our Project Management Process

Like every project we coordinate, our management team breaks every specialty construction project into four phases:

  • Project evaluation/design/bid phase
  • Planning and scheduling phase
  • Construction phase
  • Project Completion Phase

Our Core Values

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At Contractor Near Me, we take great pride in being able to offer complete construction services to our clients. That means we can complete any construction project, no matter what the scope, from scratch

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